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Lustrous Silver

July 22, 2009

Sterling silver jewellery is effortlessly chic… At exotix fashion accessories our designs are captivating beauty and timeless allure.

Our cornerstone of our collection is our famous solid Choker (pictured below) a building block that allows you to build many looks and create variation in your wardrobe selections. 21 Jewellery Exotix Winter 2009Here our sterling silver choker is featured with the Om pendant (pictured left)  which allows women who love curves and rounded jacket or shirt collars to flow and work together. To the right we have our Impose pendant which is pummeled to give a natural look but also creates a dramatic statement.

If you would like a full colour catalogue email me your postal address.

Making the ordinary extraordinary.



Precious stones can say many things.

July 16, 2009

Some ask ‘be mine’? Some say ‘I’m sorry’.  Some say “My Hand”. And others shout ‘I’m going out tonight!’ Then there are those that are cheap and cheerful and keep our hands from feeling naked but some are precious beyond description having been in the family for generations. Whatever stones you know and love, this winter, fashion is celebrating them. At Exotix we offer stunning semi precious gemstones in brilliant colours.

Now how to translate that to your wardrobe? For a sure fire way to say I’m strong, bold and beautiful pick up a ruby red blouse or dress and team it with neutral colours. Sapphire blues in silk make great cocktail dresses and look fabulous with both gold and silver jewellery. It’s also a great colour for a stand out accessory such as shoes, scarves and handbags. For a little lift in your outfit amethyst purple is the way to go. In silks and velvet it’s regal in shoes and accessories it’s fun. Emeralds greens are beautiful in dresses and blouses in velvet it’s spectacular. You can also add a splash of jewel-toned colour to work wear so even if you’re not earning a million dollars you’ll look it. And if you’re stuck in a neutral colour winter rut a simple, beautiful piece of jewellery can do wonders adding colour and sparkle.

Fashion Tip: Do not use one tone in both dress and accessory. In such strong colours this tends to look overmatched and is too LOUD a fashion statement.

What does your precious stones say about you?

Making the ordinary extraordinary


HSN Fashion Fix with Elle: Making Metallics Work

July 13, 2009

Metallic for everyone… all skin tones.

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Farewell, Fashion: When do you think fashion isn’t speaking to you!

July 12, 2009

Hi All

This is a brilliant article originally printed in The Guardian UK and Today published  in Sunday Life of The Age Magazine… It tells us how Alison Lurie , at a certain age realised that the fashion no longer spoke to her. So She took action, stopped buying their magazines, threw out half her wardrobe, stopped dyeing her hair, gave up makeup – AND never felt happier….

The liberation that Alison feels is incredible.. I wonder if I am going to be brave like Alison and find a re-birth when I reach that age… I wonder if I won’t continual to fight to hang on to my youth… I wonder when fashion stops talking to me will I “listen” and find my new youth?

What experience have you had when you realised fashion wasn’t/isn’t talking to you?

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The Plain Bag

July 10, 2009

When we add our accessories, it is the small things that set us apart… A clean Classic bag is just one type of bag that appeals to the one type of person… read more here…. This bag almost looks like a doctors bag, many romantic, earthy, dramatic or feminine style personality types would find this bag too structured… and a little sterile… And with that price tag one would love to have a bag with a personality!

What type of bag do you like?

Direct Selling: People are turning to it

June 15, 2009

Hi All

If you are wanting a recession proof business take a read of this article that was posted in the USA…

Do you:

  • love fashion?
  • Love having fun with Women
  • Love working around your family and lifestyle
  • Love giving yourself a pay rise when you need it
  • Love overseas travel
  • Love to be rewarded for building and managing a team
  • Opportunity for company car
  • Love to have a very big jewellery collection and accessories to select from

Then contact me as we have the answer for you.

contact Dhea at for more details…

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History of the cocktail Dress

June 14, 2009

Hi all

If you love fashion and history you will love the idea of the History of the cocktail Dress… read more

A lover of history