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Started off my official career as a secondary high school teacher in the areas of Home Economics, Legal Studies and Textile art. 5 years into my teaching I married and went to live in Singapore. Here I was able to attain a very exciting teaching position at the British Council in Singapore where I taught English to Singaporean children and Business English to corporate Singaporean primarily in the Banking industry.

After a couple of years we continued our journey back to Australia but to the other side of the country in Western Australia where I started my official career in sales. I was part of an international cosmetic company’s promotional team that went into stores to boost impact and sales for a week. Here I loved meeting women and helping them with cosmetic selections… loved the social part of developing trust and relationships. During this time I also started and completed a Graduate Degree in Business marketing whilst starting and having our first two of our 3 children.  After 3 and a half years we returned to Melbourne where we built our first family home and had our 3rd child… They often say that one shouldn’t marry, change jobs, move, house or have first child in one year… well let’s just say we did that plus so much more… I think I worked it out that we moved house/home 5 times in 4 years…(two countries and 2 states)  and needless to say we moved a further two more times within the same suburbs to allow the children to stay in their same schools and networks….

As I had some time between careers I tried my hand at relief teaching whilst the children were young but I had lost my passion… fast forward to where the children were 2, 4, 6 and I was invited to a “jewellery party”… Well put it this way I found a new passion… I discovered direct selling… 10 years on I worked my way up to become from Sales Coordinator to Victorian State Sales Manager … I fell in love with the idea of raising my family and earning an increasing income… I absolutely love what direct selling can allow women, especially mums to do… however I have recently met girls who are at university who are involved in my company and paying their way through university… it really is a great plan B for anyone at any age…

Early in 2009 I discovered an online REAL greeting card business that allowed me to use a system to stay connected with clients, family and friends…at first I used it simply as a great business tool however as people started asking me questions and asking me to show them more about how I created cards I decided to show it to more and more people and in June of 2011 I decided to go full time with this new business…

Direct Selling has allowed us to enjoy a lifestyle that we would not of otherwise been able to

If you have 3 minute check it out

I am thrilled to be able to share with you accessories that you need in your business that allows you to stay front of mind with your clients, family and friends. Oh and never miss another birthday or special occasion again!


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