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Being prepared….

December 19, 2009

Hi all

A friend prompted me this morning to reflect on the idhea of being prepared…

I recall one festive season we were in the city on the last Friday night before Christmas (and I think so was the rest of the population), needless to say there were no taxi’s…. in hindsight we thought we should of booked a driver for the return trip… needless to say we never did that again… why? well the size and amount of blisters that were on my feet going from hotel to hotel, taxi rank to taxi rank, one block here one block there… we even tried to book into a hotel room…. too late full…. or only had the penthouse suites… we weren’t alone, so many men and women were walking in town like we were Cinderella… coach gone, shoes in one hand, other hand lifting up the hems so that the gorgeous fabrics of the gowns weren’t being totally ruined. The party was truly over by that stage.. and No fairy god mothers insight!

Not knowing what we were going to do (at one stage I thought we were going to have to just walk home – great with the shoes I was wearing… not likely) I spotted a bus that was heading towards a seaside suburb and I new it had to pass our suburb’s main highway, so we walked up to it… only to find many of the other couples who were earlier also looking for taxi inside, tuxedo’s looking worse for wear, that perfect hair and makeup looking really tired. We too ended up taking the Night Rider Bus home, with shoes in hand (after pulling out the fine leather straps between my blisters) looking so sorry for myself.  This bus, the Night Rider charged us $5 each, is designed to take people I guess who want to drink and not drive, home, (the next day I thought what a great idhea, never knew it existed the final destination was 45 klm away from the centre of town, servicing a great area). Didn’t even know it existed… we were dropped off on the corner of our highway and the closest street and proceeded to walk home… me bear foot , whimpering about what was on the footpath… my sitter in the morning  said “Gee must of been a great party to come home that late?” We both looked at each other and laughed…

Tis the season to enjoy many things but being prepared will help you enjoy it even more… like taking a pair of shoes to a wedding for the in-between times… saves your feet allowing you to enjoy the party…

What tips do you suggest or follow to help you during this continual party season?

Making the ordinary extraordinary


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