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‘Tis this time of the year to razzle dazzle

November 21, 2009

With many of us inundated with places to go and people to meet, this time of the year can push your wardrobe to the limits… sure if money was no option you can just keep on purchasing different outfits However, many time we all have outfits we can adjust to suit all occasions. A bit of glitz lifts any outfit to after 5 level – but just remember that with this a little goes a long way.  Adding a light sheer jacket over short sleeve top/dress adds a little glamour, adding strappy heel with manicured feet also upgrades a simple dress, changing your bag and your jewellery adds many variations to your outfits, as well as adding a long flowing silk scarf…

So before you say no to stepping out because you don’t have anything to wear,  do a wardrobe audit and really see what is inside – here you may take on the services of a style consultant who is trained to assess you and your wardrobe or at least get a girlfriend who can be objective, keeping your wardrobe usable.

A few absolutes in any wardrobe is to throw away ANYTHING that:

  1. Is fraying or piling ie fabric has little balls all over
  2. doesn’t fit properly and never really did
  3. you haven’t worn for over 1 year ie you didn’t wear it last summer, what makes you think you will this summer?

Whilst you are doing this bring out things that have missing buttons, need altering and get them repaired… You will be surprised how much this will add to your wardrobe…

These are just some steps to take to restore your wardrobe, highlight the gaps and then when you next go shopping you will know exactly what to buy…

So allow summer to add a little lighthearted razzle dazzle and kick back a little accept all invitations as once you know what you have to wear the next hard thing is to arrange a taxi…

Making the ordinary extraordinary


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