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Are you Spring Racing Carnival Ready?

August 8, 2009

As Australia’s racecourse are coming to life, women all over Australia are also planning to take to the fields! Whilst the women herself should be the stand-out element of  her presence, many can’t resist to go all out and take advantage of the occasion. Contrary to what you may see out on the field, race days are not about skin and sparkle. The racing attire really is elegant chic-wear rather than the cocktail dresses, which are more suitable for evening events.  Imagine a more demure and sophisticated style with tailored day-wear accessorised with beautiful headpieces, jewellery, shoes and bags.

What will you see on the fields this year?

  • Bows will be back and bigger than ever
  • colours will be fresh, think summer fruits
  • Purples, magenta’s and dusty pinks
  • LBD – not that it ever leaves – accessorise with vintage bag and accessories.. Use Coco Chanel and Audrey Hepburn for inspiration
  • Gloves and hosiery a must – it is a tradition!
  • Try not to leave without a hat – IF you must then make it up with your accessories
  • Big dramatic earrings

As for your headwear… stay tuned

What is your favourite racewear outfit? What do you turn to when all else fails?

Making the ordinary extraordinary


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