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Precious stones can say many things.

July 16, 2009

Some ask ‘be mine’? Some say ‘I’m sorry’.  Some say “My Hand”. And others shout ‘I’m going out tonight!’ Then there are those that are cheap and cheerful and keep our hands from feeling naked but some are precious beyond description having been in the family for generations. Whatever stones you know and love, this winter, fashion is celebrating them. At Exotix we offer stunning semi precious gemstones in brilliant colours.

Now how to translate that to your wardrobe? For a sure fire way to say I’m strong, bold and beautiful pick up a ruby red blouse or dress and team it with neutral colours. Sapphire blues in silk make great cocktail dresses and look fabulous with both gold and silver jewellery. It’s also a great colour for a stand out accessory such as shoes, scarves and handbags. For a little lift in your outfit amethyst purple is the way to go. In silks and velvet it’s regal in shoes and accessories it’s fun. Emeralds greens are beautiful in dresses and blouses in velvet it’s spectacular. You can also add a splash of jewel-toned colour to work wear so even if you’re not earning a million dollars you’ll look it. And if you’re stuck in a neutral colour winter rut a simple, beautiful piece of jewellery can do wonders adding colour and sparkle.

Fashion Tip: Do not use one tone in both dress and accessory. In such strong colours this tends to look overmatched and is too LOUD a fashion statement.

What does your precious stones say about you?

Making the ordinary extraordinary


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