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Farewell, Fashion: When do you think fashion isn’t speaking to you!

July 12, 2009

Hi All

This is a brilliant article originally printed in The Guardian UK and Today published  in Sunday Life of The Age Magazine… It tells us how Alison Lurie , at a certain age realised that the fashion no longer spoke to her. So She took action, stopped buying their magazines, threw out half her wardrobe, stopped dyeing her hair, gave up makeup – AND never felt happier….

The liberation that Alison feels is incredible.. I wonder if I am going to be brave like Alison and find a re-birth when I reach that age… I wonder if I won’t continual to fight to hang on to my youth… I wonder when fashion stops talking to me will I “listen” and find my new youth?

What experience have you had when you realised fashion wasn’t/isn’t talking to you?

Making the ordinary extra ordinary


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