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Fake or Real!!!

June 3, 2009

What is it with women who have to have a REAL copy of the original? Many women invest hundreds of $$$ in a Good Imitation of a top designer or ask questions about sites selling “extra” or “overruns” with top designer products online ????

I understand that we like what we see and we want many things we really can’t buy… but don’t your friends and network know you, accessories like many things need to be congruent with you . Turning up with xyz bag at an event might not actually work out when you turn up with a car that is worth less than your “bag”!!!

Fashion from the top inspires and filters down the fashion chain… and gorgeous shoes/bags/jewellery/outfit that has been inspired by a top designer with quality materials and workmanship out ways the cheap copy!

What do you think? Fake Versus Real…

Making the ordinary extraordinary?

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