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Hot Accessories this Winter

April 29, 2010

This winter in Australia sees us seek out statement necklaces to practical but pretty day bags and shiny evening clutches.  It’s time to splash out and add some impact. When you stock your wardrobe with some great classics, you’ll find your self with the best starting point for adding funky accessories and revving up your look for the season.  US celebrity Caron Kressely suggests that you “Treat your bags like you do your wardrobe. Build up the perfect collection to showcase your every mood… ” At Exotix Fashion Accessories you will see great colour and fun with our practical day bags and stunning Italian Leather handbags…

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Our First Accessory iDHEA’s Newsletter subscriber Winner is…

March 3, 2010

Hi all

I am delighted to announce our February Winner of our Subscribe to our Newsletter and win $100 Accessories pack is….drum-roll please…..


I will be in touch with you shortly

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Subcribe to the Accessories iDHEA’s e-zine to go into a monthly draw

February 5, 2010

Let’s  celebrate our first and on-going competition…

Simply subscribe to Accessories iDHEA’s ezine to go into the draw to win $100 worth of ladies fashion accessories… use the link on the top right handside of the blog… >>>>>>>>>>>

Looking forward to spoiling the lucky subscribers.

You may want to refer this to your girlfriends who love accessories so they can subscribe for a chance to win

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Being prepared….

December 19, 2009

Hi all

A friend prompted me this morning to reflect on the idhea of being prepared…

I recall one festive season we were in the city on the last Friday night before Christmas (and I think so was the rest of the population), needless to say there were no taxi’s…. in hindsight we thought we should of booked a driver for the return trip… needless to say we never did that again… why? well the size and amount of blisters that were on my feet going from hotel to hotel, taxi rank to taxi rank, one block here one block there… we even tried to book into a hotel room…. too late full…. or only had the penthouse suites… we weren’t alone, so many men and women were walking in town like we were Cinderella… coach gone, shoes in one hand, other hand lifting up the hems so that the gorgeous fabrics of the gowns weren’t being totally ruined. The party was truly over by that stage.. and No fairy god mothers insight!

Not knowing what we were going to do (at one stage I thought we were going to have to just walk home – great with the shoes I was wearing… not likely) I spotted a bus that was heading towards a seaside suburb and I new it had to pass our suburb’s main highway, so we walked up to it… only to find many of the other couples who were earlier also looking for taxi inside, tuxedo’s looking worse for wear, that perfect hair and makeup looking really tired. We too ended up taking the Night Rider Bus home, with shoes in hand (after pulling out the fine leather straps between my blisters) looking so sorry for myself.  This bus, the Night Rider charged us $5 each, is designed to take people I guess who want to drink and not drive, home, (the next day I thought what a great idhea, never knew it existed the final destination was 45 klm away from the centre of town, servicing a great area). Didn’t even know it existed… we were dropped off on the corner of our highway and the closest street and proceeded to walk home… me bear foot , whimpering about what was on the footpath… my sitter in the morning  said “Gee must of been a great party to come home that late?” We both looked at each other and laughed…

Tis the season to enjoy many things but being prepared will help you enjoy it even more… like taking a pair of shoes to a wedding for the in-between times… saves your feet allowing you to enjoy the party…

What tips do you suggest or follow to help you during this continual party season?

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‘Tis this time of the year to razzle dazzle

November 21, 2009

With many of us inundated with places to go and people to meet, this time of the year can push your wardrobe to the limits… sure if money was no option you can just keep on purchasing different outfits However, many time we all have outfits we can adjust to suit all occasions. A bit of glitz lifts any outfit to after 5 level – but just remember that with this a little goes a long way.  Adding a light sheer jacket over short sleeve top/dress adds a little glamour, adding strappy heel with manicured feet also upgrades a simple dress, changing your bag and your jewellery adds many variations to your outfits, as well as adding a long flowing silk scarf…

So before you say no to stepping out because you don’t have anything to wear,  do a wardrobe audit and really see what is inside – here you may take on the services of a style consultant who is trained to assess you and your wardrobe or at least get a girlfriend who can be objective, keeping your wardrobe usable.

A few absolutes in any wardrobe is to throw away ANYTHING that:

  1. Is fraying or piling ie fabric has little balls all over
  2. doesn’t fit properly and never really did
  3. you haven’t worn for over 1 year ie you didn’t wear it last summer, what makes you think you will this summer?

Whilst you are doing this bring out things that have missing buttons, need altering and get them repaired… You will be surprised how much this will add to your wardrobe…

These are just some steps to take to restore your wardrobe, highlight the gaps and then when you next go shopping you will know exactly what to buy…

So allow summer to add a little lighthearted razzle dazzle and kick back a little accept all invitations as once you know what you have to wear the next hard thing is to arrange a taxi…

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Keeping “IT” for good!

August 18, 2009

Hi all

As a child I recall my mothers words “No don’t wear that … That’s for good”… and then as a mother I recall saying to my 3 children when they were young toddlers or early childhood… “No don’t wear that today as that is for a special day”… What defines a special day?…  Imagine if we lived each day as if it is a special day.  So I challenge you to look inside your wardrobe and wear something everyday that you have kept for a special day and I can assure you, you will feel so special on every day that you will feel great.

Of course we are not talking about specific ballgowns or high heeled shoes that were purchased for a definite purpose rather it is the necklace, wrap or handbag that you use occasionally.  Keep your green enviro bags for the supermarket and bring out that special handbag you have in its cover in your wardrobe and enjoy it… even if it is take kids to school, playgroup , returning library books or to go supermarket shopping… Enjoy your gorgeous treasures and watch that necklace, handbag, jacket, coat make you taller, happier and even more confident in your day to day activities.

What special item is in your wardrobe which you have kept for good, that you will start to wear more often, if not daily.

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Are you Spring Racing Carnival Ready?

August 8, 2009

As Australia’s racecourse are coming to life, women all over Australia are also planning to take to the fields! Whilst the women herself should be the stand-out element of  her presence, many can’t resist to go all out and take advantage of the occasion. Contrary to what you may see out on the field, race days are not about skin and sparkle. The racing attire really is elegant chic-wear rather than the cocktail dresses, which are more suitable for evening events.  Imagine a more demure and sophisticated style with tailored day-wear accessorised with beautiful headpieces, jewellery, shoes and bags.

What will you see on the fields this year?

  • Bows will be back and bigger than ever
  • colours will be fresh, think summer fruits
  • Purples, magenta’s and dusty pinks
  • LBD – not that it ever leaves – accessorise with vintage bag and accessories.. Use Coco Chanel and Audrey Hepburn for inspiration
  • Gloves and hosiery a must – it is a tradition!
  • Try not to leave without a hat – IF you must then make it up with your accessories
  • Big dramatic earrings

As for your headwear… stay tuned

What is your favourite racewear outfit? What do you turn to when all else fails?

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